Magic Tony

Magic Tony

Professional kids entertainer & magician in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex. 

Magic Show – 45/60 minutes

Professional Kids Entertainer and magician Magic TonyInteractive magic showwhere kids actively participate. The show has been designed in such a way so that kids get to laugh a lot, and be engaged for the whole show!

Sample of tricks Magic Tony does: Silk to Cane, Milk and Newspaper trick, Magic Tube and Silks, Vanishing/changing objects with change bags, Bubble Gum pulling competition, Magic Ribbons, the World’s best Colouring Book routine, tricks with flowers and much more.

All Tony’s routines contain several props and funny elements, since the aim is to make kids have a good time, participate in the show, believe in themselves and
live an unforgettable experience; not just watch magic tricks. He has always believed that it’s not only the destination but the journey too!

Magic Seminars – 30 minutes

The kids get the chance to learn how to perform simple magic tricks that can be done with everyday objects (coins, rubber bands, straws, pencils etc.). They first
get to see the trick, then the explanation in full detail and how to best practice and perform the trick for their friends and family. At the end, they can try doing the trick themselves and get feedback.


Magic Tony entertains children by performing loads of magic tricks.Musical games (musical statues, musical bums, dancing contest etc.)
What the animals do
Parachute games
Balloon games
Stuck in the mud
Simon says
Hot potato
Pass the parcel
…and much more!

Balloon Modeling

Designs : Parrot, Flower, Dog, Teddy Bear, Love Heart, Hat, Space Gun, Knight Sword, Pirate Sword, Mouse, Swan, Giraffe, Magic Wand, Butterfly.