Comedy Waiters

 The Platinum Comedy Waiters

Platinum Comedy Waiters infiltrate and work alongside real waiters and waitresses, giving you and your guests an unforgettable evening of both unique comedy and music. Your unsuspecting guests will witness a host of amusing, unusual capers from pre-dinner drinks over dinner through to coffee being served.

Build the atmosphere

Watch with delight as guests search for the waitress’s lost contact lens, a waiter taking a sneaky sip from a hidden bottle of wine and unlikely canapés being nibbled.  And can that maintenance man really be changing a light bulb over the guest’s table?
The atmosphere builds and guests begin to interact with the Platinum Comedy Waiters. All of a sudden the maintenance man can be found under a table, guests are being serenaded by a bandaged waiter with his guitar and the wine waiter finally collapses. Even the most unobservant are left in no doubt that they have been well and truly tricked!

An announcement will be made at the end of the performance exposing the waiter’s true identities! A musical finale will get the whole room up singing and dancing along.

 The beginning of the act will be subtle. The Platinum Waiters will collect glasses, clear rubbish and serve spoof canapés. It will arouse a few suspicions around some guest, but it won’t blow our cover.


The Platinum Comedy Waiters will help show guests to their seats. This will make them familiar with guest and any requests.  Things like “Can I have a glass of water” are played straight. They will help place serviettes on laps, pour wine and serve bread rolls, all in a subtly questionable manner. The starter will be served by the official waiters and whilst it is being eaten, we remain in the room. The Comedy Waiters will look bored standing against a wall or wander around and making the odd comment to the guests. It becomes more and more noticeable that the Waiter’s behaviour is strange. Our waitress starts to look for her contact lens on the floor and guests are starting to help for her search.

When people have finished their starter, they will start to realise things are not as they seem. It becomes more obvious and other strange things start happening.
A maintenance man coming in fully equipped with stepladder and toolbox will make things become a little more obvious.  Guests will start to realise they have been set up. Guests start talking about what happened and will be looking out for what’s coming next. The Waiters are then able to interact with guests.
Guests will be entertained throughout main course by a continuous stream of one-liners, silly props, unwanted head massages, fashion tips and hilarious performances by the drunken waiter and maintenance man.
The classic performance consists of four people, but we offer various combinations to suit size of audience and budget. Up to ten Waiters can be provided.